Pediatric Chiropractic Clinic

Pediatric Chiropractic Clinic


“Why would a baby need to be adjusted?” people often wonder...

Why? Your baby is indeed born a perfect new being in this world. Their body, however, already has nine whole months of experience in the womb. Their positioning, size, movement patterns, and birth experience all have an impact on their physical being at birth.

While occasionally I meet a newborn who is in perfect alignment, most need at least a small adjustment and some require more in-depth care. Their physical stress may show up as stiffness, feeding challenges, constipation, and asymmetry. These can be easily released with cranial, spinal, and myofascial work.

- Dr. Joella Folk


Let's take a closer look at baby's experience of birth...

With each contraction that you felt in your uterus, back and pelvis, your baby experienced pressure on their head and spine. When a baby is positioned with their head tucked and their spine forward, their body is designed to handle this stress and dissipate these forces with minimal difficulty. If their head is not fully tucked or tilted to one side even the slightest bit, their bones are no longer lined up to easily handle this pressure and tension builds in their cranium and spine.

Did you know that the average medically-managed delivery applies 60-90 lbs of tensile pressure onto the head and neck? There is nothing natural about that. Add to that a very fast descent into the pelvis, or the opposite, a baby stuck or held in the pelvis for an extended amount of time, and you get a baby who has experienced some birth trauma with tension in the cranium and spine. Specifically tailored chiropractic adjustments correct this easily.

Should your baby be seen for pediatric chiropractic care?

It is common for me to perform wellness exams and checks on newborns/babies. An optimally functioning spine and nervous system give babies the best start and continue as they grow and develop.

Babies are also referred to me by midwives and doctors, for specific care, when there are abnormal movement patterns, inability to sleep or poop, or difficulties with nursing or bottle feeding.

Under my care, babies receive chiropractic starting at birth. Helping a baby be more comfortable in their body and promoting strong communication between their body and nervous system allows babies to be happier and normal function easier.

Postpartum and motherhood are exponentially harder when your little one is unhappy or has difficulties with basic needs like breastfeeding and sleeping. Although there can be many factors related to these difficulties, spinal misalignments and tension patterns are commonly related and quite easy to correct.

I love seeing mothers become more relaxed, less stressed, and happier in general when their baby is happier and life gets just a little easier.

- Dr. Joella

"It’s easier to raise healthy kids than fix injured adults"